KS121307At the Forefront


ASIP remains the only professional membership association dedicated exclusively to serving SUID and SIDS professionals. Since its inception in 1987, ASIP has provided leadership and support for state and local infant mortality programs, the professionals who staff them, and the families they serve. Through a range of activities, ASIP works to reduce the risk of sudden infant death and ensure high quality bereavement services for families. As our understanding of SIDS and SUID continues to evolve, ASIP will be at the forefront to promote evidence-based messages and support strategies. 



ASIP provides national leadership to establish and promote policy and practice for professionals who respond to infant and child death, and is committed to bereavement support, risk reduction and prevention services.



It is a premier, national association for professionals: a unified voice making a difference for families and children by building strategic partnerships and leading the response to infant and child death.